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The road of life is very long, let me accompany you to go together. I would like to build a sky of our own, will be first-class.


Through the remotest corners of the globe, travels to numerous hills and streams, in the ocean of love the world how do I forget your tender smile, so waiting for you is a kind of beauty!


Tonight, let me sleep with your name and your hair. I wish I could meet you in my dreams. Good night, miss you!


I love you so much, but I can't be with you. I miss you so much, but I don't care.


I know it's impossible, but I still love you. Although I really want to forget you hate you, but I really can not do it.


In the vast sea of people, know you, is a kind of fate, only hope to use my sincere, in exchange for your true feelings.


Waiting for the stars to rain, a star on the sky. The sky rain fall 1000 grain, peel back thousands of stars now. Wish my friends far. To laugh, heart is soft.


I want to say to you, in my heart, you are all of me, I don't want you to love me with the same love, just want to have your comfort and understanding.


After you read the beauty, after you know how to love. I know beauty, so I drink for you; I know love, so thousand edge difficult!


You are covered with dew like the petals, bringing fragrance; you like it whistles across the sky, bring me the mind and the pursuit.


I love you, to me, is the bread of the morning, the banana at night, the garlic of Shandong people, the chili of Sichuan people.


Miss you too heavy, cut off the phone line, burned out the phone card, dig out the wallet bag, eat up sleeping pills, alas! But I still want to see you.


If I could, I would spend every minute of my life with you.


If I really say my guilt, I'm afraid you don't think I'm good, but don't say it, I feel I'm hopeless.


Because of you, I know love, and I understand love, the first person you fell in love with is you, but I feel inferior, so I have been afraid to admit.


Colorful hyacinth, shaking my first love. Your bright eyes kindled my youthful passion.


Some people love with their mouths, and I love them with my heart. Maybe I will lose a lot, but I will not regret it.


I love you from the bottom of my soul, and I will give you my life. How much will you accept, and it will never change.


Tell you, I love you very much, not every day with you in one, you will be around me, on how I love you, never mind, love your life!


If you live, God gives me the greatest life, then live with you, will be God gives me the greatest gift of mission.


I want to tell you: love is fate, love is moving, love is a habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifetime commitment!


If you like, I'll send me a short message, and call me if you like me, and if you love me, keep silent.


Wish is the wind, happiness is sail, happiness is boat, the wind of desire is blowing the happy sail, carrying the happy ship, floating to the eternal happiness of you.


Look your eyes, I think you intoxicated; gentle, I am intoxicated; in fact, really want to hold your hand, walk together forever!


I carved the left hand, right hand says you, hearts full of love, when the palm of our hand, heart, everyone will see -- I love you.


You are the shore, I am the ship, you are the sun, I turn for you, you can count happiness, I will not change the world.


Without you, the color is single, without you, the food is tasteless, without you, I am hollow!


Your eyes tenderness, withstand words and a thousand words, your lips to smile, is my source of happiness!


Tonight we get along, the Milky Way constantly.the feeling very Hosta, two away not stop intimate lovers, we also meet heart bridge!


If you like me, send me a message; call me if you like me; and if you love me, keep silent!


What you see is the real me! A kind of endless moving! Touched the world, you and I this most beautiful existence!


I finally found that there is a wealth of love in the world, I can not live up to. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen to me.


People say: love a person is not in return. But I want you to give back to me, let me give you all my love in my lifetime!


Love a person is very bitter, but I did not stop to pay; love a person is very tired, I was addicted to Acacia; love a person very silly, I was stubborn.


First go, bye, all for nothing, to heart, took pains to heart, does your heart, do not know my heart!


Like, just light love. Love is deep love. I hope I don't have to send you home, but we go back to our home together.


If you like me, please send me a short message. If you like, I'll call me. If you love me, keep silent!


The furthest distance is not between life and death, but when I stand in front of you yet you don't know that I love you.


My heart is not empty, but there is always an empty place in my heart. No one can use it, because that's your seat.


I miss you not because of my loneliness, but I feel lonely when I miss you. The reason why I feel so lonely is only because I think too deeply.


I know, I can't be with you. I know, all I can do is far away. I want you to be happy.


I am the salt in your dish. Without me, everything loses its flavor. I you are in the winter sun, summer popsicle, cloudy big umbrella.


Your eyes blink, I die, your eyes blink again, I live again, your eyes blink, and I die again.


Love you, is a kind of warm sorrow, is a romantic feeling, is a kind of soft gesture, is a kind of want to say and have to say love!


How many times in your dream have your shadow, how many times alone call you, just want to hold your hand, warm life road, love more great. Get married!


The short life, but created the eternal love. Pretty girl, please don't indulge in self-admiration, open your heart and accept my roses.


There is love in our hearts fly for a long time, there is love in our eyes for a long time ripple; endured a broken heart, for me you bes rain!


Holding you is a kind of happiness, kissing you is a kind of intoxicated, love you is a kind of unforgettable, so I will use my life in exchange for this feeling!


Hold your hand, every morning and evening, hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow, hold your hand, through life, hold your hand, generation after generation.


The first day I knew you, I was conquered by your eyes, and I knew that I was a prisoner of your life!


The blue sky with snow, beautiful leather shoes leaking feet, you and my acquaintance is a myth, please call back gently!


Meet always nods, want to say always difficult to open, line of sight intersection moment, I have felt your gentleness.


Your information I hate to delete, your smiling face I can not forget, your true feelings I already know, my heart beat sound don't want you to hear!


If I fall in love with you is also a mistake, I firmly believe that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather wrong for life.


Your eyes blink, I die, your eyes blink again, I come alive, your eyes blink, and I die again.


My eyes are gazing affectionately at your eyes, as blue as the sea, so pure that they cannot rub themselves into a small fine sand.


Regret is a spirit that consumes the mind. Regret is greater loss than loss, bigger mistake than mistake. So don't regret it


Love, should be willing to dull, but not plain; should be willing to ordinary, but not extraordinary. No longer think about the past, no longer hold the past.


How many Acacia night is not long, the four corners of the earth. Distant land is poor, only the Acacia endless.


You are like a warm spring breeze, which arouses the waves of love in my heart; you are like a gentle cloud, bound to live my sentimental line of sight.


Baby: recently my teeth ache, because often think of you at night, that feeling is too sweet, will decay.


Love is hard, being loved is happiness; everyone is happy to accept love, hard to love people!


Miss you, miss you, I dream, often have you, my heart, only you, a heart, to you, just because I love you.


Love makes us meet, love makes us love, love makes us love, love makes us worry, let me give all my love to you in my lifetime!


I would like to stay by your side all my life, make your quilt in winter, and make your electric fan in summer.


I've always wanted to thank you, and thank you for being in my life. I've always wanted to tell you, I tell you I really love you.


My yearning is like a bright moon, it pours water like deep feeling. Wherever you go, this bright moon will follow your shadow.


Everyone's youth, eventually escape a love. Here, there is love, love, joy, happiness, but only to have a permanent.


The craziest thing in my life is falling in love with you, the biggest hope is to have you accompany me crazy for a lifetime.


You and I see each other is a fate, we cherish each other the hard won feelings. Hope to accompany you in the future.


Late at night I light a candle for you, fall asleep after I put your hand flat, sad when I wiped away tears for you, lost after I put you in my arms.


I'm not mad at you anymore. People like me who are open minded and highly respected will forgive you for being angry with me!


From now on, you promised me that today will not be lonely, there will be tomorrow! There is a future! Well, take my love and go with you!


Because love quietly escape, avoid the figure, can not hide the feelings of silence; today, I finally summon courage to express my love to you.


I see you, I'm afraid of getting an electric shock; I don't see you, I need to recharge. Without you, I think I'm going to power off.


Looking at your eyes, I see the sea, the blue sky, and see the beautiful future!


Want to get you out of my memory, but always involuntarily to remind you: in the dream of every moment, every minute when awake.


Singing sad songs, looking at the beloved girl. The heart is for you hurt, the song is for you to sing, I just want you happy, I'm sorry!


Tonight, lonely as the sea, love tonight disaster. Love for you has become the lonely sea. Think your heart has made your shadow flood in your mind!


Because I don't trust myself, my life will be with you, I have been searching for centuries, this life can not let you go away from my arms.